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Outdoor techniques and must know hacks for going to the bathroom while camping in remote locations with Sampa.

We all know talking about going number 2 anywhere that doesn’t have a toilet is very uncomfortable and embarrassing… but while camping IT ISN’T! So leave this taboo behind and share this blog with your SAMPA companions!


Pooping while camping is one of the biggest concerns every SAMPER has, especially since you’re in unknown territory, but we promise it isn’t as bad as it seems. Since it’s something you WILL have to do eventually, we recommend getting comfortable with the subject before your trip; because holding it won’t let you enjoy an unforgettable experience like overlanding Baja Sur with SAMPA.


The first thing you should know about pooping in nature is that fecal remains damage the environment, so please make sure to follow these steps:

  • Look for a place away from the road or the ocean
  • Make a small hole in the ground (you can use a shovel, a stone, with your hands, etc.)
  • Bury the excrements there
  • Take the toilet paper with you and throw it in the trash

*Never leave tampons, pads or wipes; they do not degrade in the environment. It is very important to keep the beaches clean, so we can all enjoy them.



Now, let’s talk about some ground rules to respect your surroundings, also known as the “LEAVE NO TRACE” protocol.

Basically, you’ll need to find a spot at least 200 feet from water sources and/or trails in case you’re hiking. Dig a hole 6 inches deep and go in it, if you use natural elements to clean yourself up then leave them in that same hole. Cover it and go.


You may be asking yourself, how am I supposed to bend or sit without a toilet? Well, this is actually very easy! We recommend squatting completely over your hole, if you do it halfway your legs will hurt and get tired so make sure your butt cheeks are almost touching the surroundings of your 6 inch hole. If you struggle with balance, then placing one hand behind you will be an enormous help.


You see? We got you covered! So no worrying on your SAMPA trip, remember that pooping is a natural thing for everyone.

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