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Baja California Sur is one of the most popular destinations for whale watching, the largest mammals in the world.

This majestic creatures travel 18,000 km every year from Chukchi and Bering Sea to mate and give birth in the vast peninsula of Baja California Sur.





Whale watching season in Cabo San Lucas can vary from year to year, but whales pass through Los Cabos annually from mid-December through April. Which is why we recommend to book your SAMPA between January and March for the best chance of seeing whales.

Encountering with humpback-whales is described by many people as the most beautiful and stunning experience you can have with a mammal, since its very common to see them mentoring their babies to breathe underwater for a long period of time.



Baja is paradise for whales which is why there are so many species to see, including humpbacks, blue, minke, orca, fin, Bryde’s, sperm, sei, and the iconic gray whales of the eastern Pacific. Of these, the most commonly seen whales in the Sea of Cortez are blue, humpback & orca.  On the Pacific Coast side of Baja, the most common species are the humpback and gray whale. Both very different but equally magical.

If you intend to go whale watching on your SAMPA trip, contact and we’ll be able to set up the tour for you, as there are many different options in different places.


Loreto is also an amazing place to see blue whales, they roam through the Sea of Cortez around Frebruary and the first weeks of March; but for those who are looking to encounter grey whales with their calves Bahía Magdalena is definitely the place to do that.



It is important to remember that whales are wild animals and even in cases where these animals approach the boat naturally we mustn’t touch them and respect their territory as our priority is to keep them safe around our beautiful coast forever.





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