Our Story

We are nature lovers, adventure seekers and sport junkies who invest a great amount of time searching for dreamlike places in the pursuit of lifetime memories.

We are moved by the possibility of enjoying nature while respecting, promoting and giving back to the environment because a loving relationship with Mother Nature is a major ingredient to happiness.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sampa?

Sampa is an off road rental company in Baja California Sur that comes fully equipped for any adventure. Rooftop tent + Camping + Cooking + Sports Gear + more !

What Sampas 4X4s do you have?

We have the Jeep Wrangler and the Pick Up RAM. Both cars have enough space for storage, luggage and equipment to make your trip as comfortable and EPIC as possible.

What is included in my rental?

The 4X4 comes equipped with everything you need to be comfortable in your adventure (drive, eat & sleep)

Roof tent (2 people)

Awning (2.5x2m)

First aid Kit (Basic)

Cooler (45 beers capacity)

Extra fuel container

Emergency Tire Traction Aid

Do you have additional equipment available?

Yes, additional items can be booked.

Nice to have: 

Kitchen gear (includes knives and a cutting board)

Portable Gas Stove

Head lamps (USB rechargeable)

Guides (Surf guides, camping sites, maps)

Ground tents ( 3 people)

Sleeping bags (10°)

Inflatable camping mats



Low Chairs

Camp table (+ 4 stools)

Portable Shower


Cutting board 





Make it Epic ( Activity rentals):

Surf Boards

Fishing Kits

Snorkeling Kits

Paddle boards


Mountain Bikes 


When do I pay for the rental?

In order to secure your booking you can pay 30% confirmation deposit when you make your reservation, or the total 100%. If you choose the first option you will pay the rest upon arrival. You can pay the remaining 70% with a credit card or debit card at our office. However, remember that if you decide to pay with a debit card, you´ll always need a valid credit card for security and insurance reasons.

We offer the full 30% refund if you cancel with more than 30 days notice.

Where do I pick up my Sampa?

We are located in Sierra Dorada, Carretera Transpeninsular km 6.5 fracc. Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S. 23455 (By Sporti-K)

The closest airport is Los Cabos International Airport (SJD) 

How many people can fit in the car ?

Depends on the type of car you are interested in renting. We recommend 4 people per car. If you are  planning to include a lot of gear we recommend the RAM due to its size. 

Do you help plan our trip?

Yes, we are happy to help you personalize your trip depending on your interests for an additional fee.  We will also share with you a booklet with a list of campsites, places and activities for free.

Do you also offer guided trips?

Not yet, but we can connect you with partners that do.

Do I have to return my Sampa clean?

It’s always nice when Sampers return the car in good shape, inside and outside. We do not require you to return the Sampa completely clean, but if it is exceptionally dirty, requiring difficult stain removal or other special cleaning efforts, we will charge an additional cleaning fee to get it ready for the next Sampers.

Traveling in Baja

Are there safe places to camp?

Baja California has a wealth of great camping. There are safe private and non private campgrounds on this vast peninsula. 

View our recommendations in the Adventures page

Where can I get groceries for my trip?

In every town you´ll find an abarrotes store (cheapest option) where you can buy everything you need and more. There are also supermarkets in the city like Walmart if you are looking for something more specific.

Are bonfires allowed in the beaches?

Yes they are, as long as you make them responsibly. Make sure you select a place that is far from potential fire hazards. And when you’re done, before going to sleep, turn it off, cool the sand with water and bury any remaining embers. Cleanup so that you leave no trace when you leave.  

Can we drive in the sand?

Our 4×4 Sampas won´t have a problem with that, but turtles might. Driving in the sand can cause sand compaction above nests resulting in lower nest success.