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Baja California Sur is known for having a rich environment all year round. No matter if you are on land or in the ocean you are bound to see amazing spots, and species on the way. That’s why it is the best area to travel on your SAMPA with friends, family or even alone.

The area is very new to human construction therefore having a 4×4 overlanding vehicle is necessary to reach the best points at the beaches. It is also very important to notice where you are, take a deep breath and reduce your own footprint on the place you are staying, you want to leave it as clean and beautiful as you found it, and if possible, even more so.


Your Sampa Explore vehicle is the best companion for these types of adventures, it is comfortable, fun and even cute for amazing Instagram photos you might want to take on your journey. For the destinations are spectacular, but the journey on its own is unforgettable.


If you love to be salty from ocean water, and sandy from the beach, this blog is for you. Next, we will list our top 5 beaches to camp during summer season with your Sampa Explore in Baja Sur:



East Cape or Cabo del Este

If you are a surfer or a scuba diver, you’ve reached the perfect destination! This beach, besides being breathtaking, has amazing waves to catch and some amazing sites to explore underwater.

Also, you’ll be able to socialize with people from all over the world with your same adventure mindset, this area is known for fun campers who love to connect.


Nine Palms and Shipwrecks are spots located on either side of La Fortuna, which is within East Cape (Nine Palms to the North and Shipwrecks to the South). These offer amazing sceneries perfect for a bonfire, S’mores and storytelling after a big day Samping.




Punta Arenas

Cabo del Este

Punta Arena is located at the East Cape of Baja California Sur and it is one of the ultimate camping destinations in the East Cape Area. Access to Punta Arena is only possible with a 4×4 vehicle and even so, the sand is so loose that you can get stuck. Be sure to double check your equipment and gear to enjoy the beauty and remoteness of this great Samping destination. The view is absolutely worth the hassle, you can see Cerralvo Island on the opposite side.




Bahía Magdalena

It is a hidden paradise within the mountains of Baja Sur, a perfect place for Sampa Explorers who love to get into the nooks and crannies of nature. Once you reach it, you’ll see why it is considered one of the most beautiful places on Earth, this bay is hidden and full of life. You’ll be able to see coyotes, whales, dolphins, birds and you’ll have to take a breath and wait for the amazing show the night has to offer. The sky gets completely lit with colors and the Milky Way becomes obvious to the bare eye.

A spot you do not want to miss if you’re ready to witness magic right before your eyes.





Bahía Concepción


It is a long-stretched bay alongside the Sea of Cortez, is it easily the place that has the most amazing beaches in the world. There are few travelers who make it to the area because it is the farthest, but once you arrive it is like witnessing heaven on Earth. Sampers will find, not only a beautiful place to spend the night, but also a joyful place to spend the day in the blue waters.

Some of the beaches within the bay are: Playa Armenta, El Requezon, El Coyote, El Burro, La Escondida and Santispac where you’ll be immersed in history and find 10,000 year-old paintings.




San Pedrito Beach

Todos Santos


San Pedrito is a great location to set camp if your visiting Todos Santos Area. This beach is popular for surfers and campers who travel through South of Baja. At the far north of San Pedrito’s beach appear the cliffs of the hills where you can pick a cool spot to set camp. Look out for the rocks falling off the cliffs so make sure to keep a safe distance.

San Pedrito is a great spot to surf, camp and set up your 4×4 Sampa Home. During summer time, it is a great location to watch waves and dolphins from shore so don’t forget to add some nice comfy low chairs to your rent to enjoy watching the spectacle before your eyes.




After all, this trip is a once on a lifetime experience with views you will take in your heart and mind forever. Remember to put on sunscreen, take a deep breath, see and love the moment you’re in, realize that even without needing much, you have everything within your reach and it’s waiting for you to go experience it. Join us once, twice and ten times in SAMPA EXPLORE for a unique journey you wont forget.
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